Green for the win! (aka: it’s sunny)


It’s been really cold lately! Penguins crossing the street at every moment!! No ok, let’s be realistic: winter itself this year was very forgiving, it never even really snowed (Pheeew!! YAAAAY!), but the temperature has been kinda the same for 4 months. So now it feels like it’s colder than it should be, even if it’s not. Does it make sense? In few words: WE’RE TIRED OF THIS, GIVE US SUMMER!


So, being too cold, we reaaaally reeeaaally still want to eat a lot of lava-temperature soups and big servings of hot comfort food, you know? The best thing is baking bread because the oven spreads a nice warmth (and delicious wafts) in the kitchen.

But sometimes, like today, it’s sunny! And we had a bag of cake crumbles from the Christmas chocolate cake (we will blog about that, no worries :D) still in the freezer, that just asked to be used soon. And it’s sunny! So why not try some fresh and summery flavours? Because… Just look outside, it’s sunny!!


First of all, be reassured! If you are wondering if cake kept in the fridge since December 24th (yes yes, 2015) is still good, the answer is: absolutely perfect!! We need to remember to put that in the final notes when we will write down the recipe for you. Even when frozen we could break some chunks out of it and crumble them, to thaw them faster, and then… MAGIC!

IMG_5414After just 30 minutes (time to go to the supermarket and buy the cream cheese) the crumbles were already thawed and SUPER MOIST! Like, they looked just baked! Add a lil bit of coconut, a lot of lime… and if you close your eyes you can almost think you’re at the tropics bathing in the sun! Well, almost… Definitely something to assemble (it’s not really cooking… or baking) again in summer!

Note: we promise to buy a better green food colouring. This really sucks. Actually we think playing with colors could be fun. Like… presenting a pink and purple trifle so nobody would expect coconut and lime as flavours! Surprise!! But it’s almost St. Patrick so… you know… green for the win!



St. Patrick Special: Choco-Coco-Lime Trifle

  • Servings: 1 medium-big
  • Difficulty: pretty easy, presentation is tricky tho!
  • Print

While cooking…

Listen to: Queen – A kind of magic

Drink: Malibu Rum – Because the lime flavour is stronger than the coconut (more refreshing), a shot of coconut liqueur is perfect!


  • 1 cup chocolate cake, crumbled
  • 150 grams cream cheese, light
  • 2 tbs unsweetened shredded coconut
  • zest of 1 lime
  • juice of 1/2 lime
  • few drops of coconut extract
  • few drops of green food colouring
  • 1 tbs powdered sugar (optional)


  1. Crumble your favourite chocolate cake. If frozen, thaw it! This cake was from a guinness/extra-dark-chocolate recipe, but any is fine 🙂
  2. Divide your cream cheese in 2 bowls
  3. Add to cream cheese n.1 the green colouring, lime zest and lime juice. Mix very well to remove any white chunks
  4. Add to cream cheese n.2 coconut extract and coconut
  5. Note: this trifle is not sweet at all, so feel free to add 1/2 tbs of powdered sugar to both cream cheese mixtures if you prefer
  6. How easy is this? Yeah, you guessed it, now you just have to place half of the crumbles on your glass of choice, then half the lime mixture, half the coconut mixture, and repeat! The tricky part is filling the layers without making a mess. A piping bag could be useful if you are going for a perfect presentation… Or some patience and a lot of carefulness! Or a non-transparent glass, hehe!
  7. You can add some more cake crumbles or shredded coconut as toppings once you are done
  8. Let rest in the fridge for 1 hour at least, it gets better, but you can eat it immediately too 😀

Now for the final touches:

  • Calories: 550
  • Fridge: next day is ok
  • Freezable: nope
  • Next day: the layers will probably mix, but the flavour will still be delicious!
  • Cold: yes
  • Hot: absolutely not… oh wait, here’s an idea…
  • Re-heating: NOOOOOOOO!

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